DataFi Project

In Work

As we approach the 1-year anniversary of producing this fun spot for DataFi, it’s still one of our favorite spots that we’ve had the privilege to make.

One of my favorite parts of creating videos for a living is having the opportunity to learn about a vast amount of different industries and innovations. While Financial Technology isn’t my chosen field of interest, it never ceases to fascinate me when a group of people feel passionate enough about a problem that they create a product or service to fix it. I can still remember sitting in front of my computer researching the capabilities of the innovative FinTech company and the implications it could have on construction lending management—a seriously broken system.

After some literary toil, the script was written and our creative director, Zac, went to work on bringing ideas to life. With no detail left unattended, he was able to create something both beautiful and informative.


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