Three quick tips to marketing your video on social media

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1. Post with a purpose

One of the biggest mistakes people make is posting a video without thinking through its purpose.

A few questions to ask before posting…Why was the video created? What is accomplished by sharing it on social media? Who is the target audience?

Whether it is selling a product or educating a consumer, define the purpose and allow it to influence the post.

2. Create clear compelling copy

A great video isn’t that helpful if people don’t watch it. Give people a reason to click play by communicating the video’s purpose in 140 characters or less.

Make sure to include an action such as “share”, “visit our website”, “like our page”, or “comment.

3. Remember the rules

Just in case social media is not second nature to you, here are a couple rules to remember when posting:

  • Keep the video short. Less than three minutes is ideal. If you have a longer video, consider sharing a short snippet and linking to the full version.
  • Host the video on vimeo or youtube, avoid uploading it to facebook or twitter directly.
  • Post during high traffic times based on target audience.
  • Find key audience influencers and ask them to share.

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